Due to relocation from Illinois to North Dakota, no workshops are scheduled until the 1st quarter of 2018.

Supercharge Your Profits Through Online Advertising

Opportunities abound for almost all businesses to advertise online.  In this workshop, you will discover the basics of online advertising platforms like LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Google Adwords Express, Google AdSense and Facebook.  You will learn what an online marketing sales funnel is, and you will learn the steps needed to begin building one for your business.

Date of Workshop: To Be Announced by January 2, 2018 Duration: Approximately 3 hours          Cost: No Charge

Dominate Your Local Market Through Local Search

Every local business needs to be found in their local space.  Period! Undoubtedly you have received calls from Google, ReachLocal, and/or to get online. Maybe you were hesitant to spend the money, or maybe you did invest and just aren't see positive results.  In this workshop, you will learn the 7 critical steps needed to set up and manage your local search pages!

Date of Workshop:  To Be Announced by January 2, 2018 Duration: Approximately 3 hours          Cost:  No Charge

Supercharge Your Profits With Facebook Advertising

In this workshop, you will discover why Facebook is the online ad platform at this time.  You will be introduced to the Ads Manager and the Power Editor, and you will see how to set up a simple ad.  You'll discover the power of Facebook for highly targeting prospects, and re-targeting prospects who had previously expressed an interest in your business.

Date of Workshop:  To Be Announced by January 2, 2018 Duration: Approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours     Cost:  No Charge

Following Facebook workshops, you will have an opportunity to enroll in a 5 part dedicated series called Facebook University.   Those 5 sessions plus a complimentary bonus 6th session will run for approximately 8 weeks.  Explore the content and register for each workshop on their individual page.  Download a copy of the workshop list in PDF here.

Facebook University; A 6 Week Course

Facebook University is a 5 part Facebook training that takes a deep dive into the processes and tools to advertise your business online at Facebook.  The course is a 5 week course, with a bonus session for week 6.  To benefit from this series, it is essential that you enroll in all 5 sessions.  Reluctantly, it will be possible to sign up individually for sessions.  However, your best use of this content will be to enroll in the full 5 week sessions at a deep discount.  Individual sessions are $45 each; the 5 series package for all training is $135. 

The schedule for Facebook University classes will be published approximately late January 2018.