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Online Advertising is a form of advertising where promotional messages are delivered to your business's target market.  Online Advertising is often called Online Marketing, Internet Advertising, Digital Advertising, and /or PPC (Pay-Per-Click).  The forms of online reach often include email marketing, video marketing, banner advertising, social media strategies, and often SEO (Search Engine Optimization) including Local SEO.  Unlike traditional advertising, advertising online can deliver visitors to your site and potential prospects immediately - through the click of a button.  Results can be easily measured and tracked.

Many aspects of Online Advertising, particularly SEO and PPC, begin with solid keyword research.  Keyword research is the process of discovering the phrases that your business's target market would type into a search engine (like Google) to find your business.  Other aspects and important skills needed include above average content writing skills (the ad copy),  graphic design (for images), great organizational skills (attention to detail), and analytical skills (for tracking and monitoring).

While some small businesses enjoy success with online advertising, many fail or simply can't measure how successful they may be because:

  • to be a really successful online advertiser, you need to dig through a lot of reports, and do a lot of data mining;
  • the ad platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook are continually changing requiring your business to invest time to stay current;
  • most small businesses lack the keyword research skills to identify the keywords that form the foundation of the ad copy;
  • decisions must by supported by real world data and analytics, often times small businesses fear the tracking and analysis of data;
  • of lack of knowledge of the bid structure and consequently underbidding, thus leading to more expensive ads;

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How We Can Help Your Business

Our team at and business associates will assist your small business with keyword research, imagery, content writing, analytics and tracking.  We will create, manage, and automate your campaigns.  We will work individually with each client to determine their goals, and the desired impact of the advertising project on their bottom line.

Facebook Advertising Management Services

If you have a personal Facebook account, then you are aware of the wealth of information Facebook has collected on you.  This information is a goldmine for marketers on Facebook to target select niches.  From age to gender to location to interests to the high school or college you attended, the information can be used to target very specific groups.  For example, a local bakery can target adds to Facebook members who live in that area that may have expressed an interest in topics like baking, cooking, and recipes.  

We work with each of our clients to leverage Facebook's advanced targeting capabilities to reach prospects, and to convert those prospects into buyers and repeat customers.  Our services begin with the clear definition of your target market (your persona) to developing the ad creative, to testing, to optimization, and to in-depth measurement and conversion tracking.  With Facebook advertising, it is important that the message be both creative and effective.  The Facebook ad must appeal to the user audience without disrupting the user's experience.

Google AdWords Advertising Management Services

Google as a search engine is one of the best advertisement arenas where a small business can reach a good number of potential clients. Good AdWords advertising employs the use of page ranking and Search Engine Optimization to determine the position of your advertisement on a web page.  Page rank on the Google paid search results is dependent on the PPC (pay-per-click) bid.  Therefore,  the higher the bid, the higher a business's chances of appearing in the top positions.  The AdWords campaigns are, essentially online auctions.  

Google AdWords Advertising is a powerful program for advertising online worldwide on  hundreds, even thousands of keywords.  The scope of this platform and the time management needed is often overwhelming to the small business owner.

With our network of business associates, we will assist your business in Google AdWords campaign creation, management and tracking.

Google AdWords Express Advertising Management Services

Google AdWords Express is essentially, Google "AdWords Lite".  This platform allows local businesses to place their ads in front of local consumers looking for your products and services.  Advertisers have more control to target by location, such as cities, states, regions, zip codes, and even regions.  A business may select up to a 40 mile radius for exposure of their ads.

The ads appear based on the searcher's location and his search terms.  The small business can reach their local community as well as other nearby communities.  A website is actually not necessary with Google AdWords Express, but I certainly would recommend you have one.  To use Google Adwords Express, you must claim and verify your business listing with Google+ Local.  

The combination of a Local Search Engine Optimization program along with a Google+ Local listing followed by a Google AdWords Express can create a strong presence for a small business in a specific geographic location.

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Summary; Recapping the Differences in Ad Platforms

The difference between Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express is that Adwords Express is much simpler to manage, and the ads are geographically target.  That is why it is a good fit with Local SEO and your Google+ Local listing.  The difference between the Google AdWords programs and Facebook Advertising is that Facebook Advertising is highly targeted by demographics and interest, but also can be targeted geographically.  Google programs are keyword based, meaning they are based on what people are typing into a computer to find your business.  Google AdWords Express can also be highly targeted geographically, but lacks the interest and demographic targeting.  Which one should you use?  That depends!  Want laser targeting?  Then it is Facebook Advertising.

VW Digital Marketing no longer supports Google AdWords Express as the capabilities of Google AdWords and Facebook are much more powerful!


Online Advertising; a HUGH Business

Online advertising is a huge business that is growing rapidly.  Ad revenue hit a historic high of $20.1 billion in the first half of 2013, up 18% over the same period in 2012. Online advertising is widely used across all all industry sectors.

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