More About What Others Say . . .

Bruce Watkins

Bruce Watkins, Primary Technologies, Rockford, IL     July 2014

Thanks very much for the high quality content!  Your research and development of a healthcare professional persona helps me to understand who my target audience is and how I can reach them.  The SEO report will be immensely valuable as I move forward developing my site.


Patricia Halverson


Patricia Halverson, Center for Living Whole, Rockford, IL     May 2014

Thank you Vernon for all your attention to detail and keeping everything on track. I realize how much time and work you have done... Wow!  Thanks.


Linda Holder


Linda Holder, Contempo Self Storage, Rockford, IL     February 2014

I wasn't showing up in the local search results for my self storage units. Vernon showed me how to set up my Google accounts, and my Google Maps page. Now I am showing up nicely in the local search results, and the listings have helped my business a lot.


Terri Johnston

Terri Johnston, The Inspiration Salon, Rockford, IL     March 2014

Working closely with Vern Wanner, I was able to improve my existing web site, and also build a new web site - which has helped me to get many new clients.


Stan Vorgias

Stan Vorgias, SKV Construction, Union, IL     June 2012

Vernon has helped me a lot with my web site, with my marketing materials, and with my newspaper ads.  I always enjoy our face-to-face meetings, and I can talk to him and he can explain things to me.  It is not like many of the calls I get where I don't follow what they are talking about.  Everyone I've showed my site to says it is a nice site!


No Photo Available, Mystery Man

Ronn Mooney, Rockford, IL     April 2010     

The makeover of the SCORE site and Email marketing on "Writing a Business Plan" workshop look great! You did an outstanding job.


Teresa Farrell

Teresa Farrell, Web Developer & Blogger, Washington State     December 2009

First Webs was an invaluable help to us in marketing our website. We are an assisted living home for seniors who can no longer live in their own homes. We give a unique blend of skilled care and loving, family style living environment so we were concerned about attracting the right potential clients for our services. First webs was excellent at converting our intention and marketing goal into the best keyword phrases to generate the best relevant traffic to our website


No Photo Available, Mystery Man


Steve Lundquist, Ads On The Go, Rockford, IL     January 2008

Within a matter of 3-4 weeks, First Webs Inc. was able to get me top positions on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN for the words that describe my business.